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If you are experiencing problems with an employer, you might feel like you have nowhere to turn and no means of defense. Understandably, you are afraid of jeopardizing your job. But if an employer has discriminated against you, abused you, or caused you any other form of grievance, you have rights and a means of protecting yourself.

At the Law Office of Joseph F. Hook, we specialize in employment law cases and are eager to help you resolve your dilemma, so you can continue to work uninhibited. America was built on the hard work of regular people and as such the law provides protection for those being treated unfairly within the workplace.

In addition, the Law Office of Joseph F. Hook‘s legal expertise is often called upon to settle other employment law related cases.

  • Unemployment compensation:  Employees are entitled to legal services in contested unemployment hearings without any cost to the employee. Laid off employees should not go to hearings without an attorney, who will paid only if successful.
  • Worker’s Compensation:  Injured workers are entitled to representation. No fee unless successful. Employees are entitled to compensation for lost wages, medical bills, disfigurement (scarring) and loss of use (permanency).
  • Civil Rights:  Wrongful termination based upon age, disability, religion, race, sex and sexual orientation.

The Law Office of Joseph F. Hook maintains the longstanding American tradition of respecting hardworking people. That’s why we provide top-notch legal protection and legal counsel for those in need of an employment lawyer. Our practice handles a wide array of legal services and counsel for employees and businesses that encompasses:

  • Small business legal services
  • Non-compete contracts
  • Federal labor law issues
  • Discrimination
  • Pensions
  • Workers’ compensation

Regardless of your dilemma, you can always rely on the Law Office of Joseph F. Hook to provide you with honest counsel and quality legal services. We understand the employment and labor issues are often sensitive and treat every case with complete discretion.

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